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joshuaproject's Journal

The Joshua Project
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Our Name: Joshua is a Hebrew name, meaning "Yahweh saves" (Jesus is the Greek version). When spies were sent from the wilderness to Canaan, only Joshua and Caleb were unfazed by the opposition, clinging to God's promise instead. Of those who escaped Egypt, only Joshua and Caleb survived to enter the Promised Land-- God placed Joshua in command of His people, and Joshua moved forward to claim the land He promised. Joshua's imagination was dominated by faith, not by fear. This is the hope for our lives as well.

Project implies something in progress, as well as working together. As those bearing the image of God, we are creators and creatures, leaders and servants. We hope to live this tension openly in community.

Our Nature: As a virtual community seeking Christ, we can know a few things about ourselves:
"The Christian life is never just my story; it's a community of stories. I learn my story in company with others. Each story affects and is affected by each of the others. Most of these others are distressed, in debt, and discontent. This complicates things enormously, but there's no getting around it. We're a company. We're looking for a central meaning to our lives. We catch a thread of the plot and begin to follow it, receiving the good news that God is gracious, receiving the sacraments of God's action in our actual lives. And then we bump into another story and are thrown off balance; distracted, we stumble. Safe, we think, in the company of God's people, we're tripped by a moralist and sent sprawling; we're seduced by a secularist and defrauded...

Disillusioned, we go off on our own and cultivate a pure spirituality uncontaminated by religious hucksters and hypocrites. But eventually, if we're honest and reading our Bibles honestly, we find we can't do it. We can't survive in the wilderness alone. We need others, and we need a leader. And then we begin to get it: God's purposes are being worked out most profoundly when we're least aware of them. Spirituality most of the time doesn't look like spirituality, or at least what the moralists and secularists told us it was supposed to look like. Sometimes all we can see is David...leading a company of moral and social ragamuffins..."

–Eugene Peterson, Leap Over a Wall
Our Purpose: To engage ourselves, our communities, and our culture with the truth of the gospel.

Many of us do this through participation in or appreciation of the arts: literary, performing, and visual. Here, we can share our works and we can share what moves us.

We are also concerned with our world: with compassion, with justice, and with God. This community can be a forum for thought, discussion, and action.

Inquirers, explorers, and seekers of all stripes are invited and welcome.