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Struggling with some Scripture

So I was reading an article which referenced Acts 8:5-25, and I looked up the passage to read it. (Please go read it yourself, so you will know what I'm talking about.)

O.k. So the people in Samaria believed in Jesus Christ and were baptized in water. But the Spirit of God had not yet come upon them, so the believers in Jerusalem sent Peter & John to pray for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit. And they did.

Now, this passage of Scripture does not specify what signs accompanied (or proved) their reception of the Holy Spirit. So I go to Acts 2:1-4, which says that when the disciples were baptized with the Holy Spirit, they started speaking in tongues. I also look at Acts 19:1-6, where Paul baptized the men in Ephesus, laid hands on them & prayed that they might receive the Holy Spirit, and the men started speaking in tongues and prophesying.

O.k. I was saved as a small child at age 6, and baptized with water at age 12. Granted, most of my life I've gone to Churches where speaking in tongues is not practiced or really even spoken of, but I have spent several years in Churches where it's common.

Here's what bothers me. If speaking in tongues is evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit on a person, does the fact that I don't speak in tongues mean that I don't have the Holy Spirit?

If that is true, well, praise God that He has used me to lead others to Him despite that, but really, how could I have come so far in my walk with Jesus without the Holy Spirit??

I'm really struggling with this, guys, and could use some help.

I'd go ask my pastor, but we only have an interim pastor right now, and besides, they haven't even mentioned the baptism of the Holy Spirit since I started going there. So I don't think they'd be much help.

I'm really concerned about this. Have I missed it all these years? And how is it that I've been used by God so much without the Spirit? I'm confused...
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