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About A Thought on Growth

Previous Entry A Thought on Growth Oct. 14th, 2007 @ 08:34 pm Next Entry
(Crossposting to my journal, armyofchrist, jesusfreaks, joshuaproject.)

I must have a vision of myself after growth, or I'll be too scared to give up my security, for fear that the loss of security might be permanent. (me)

Right now I'm seeing myself without an anger problem. I've struggled with this since I was very little; I get frustrated easily, and I tend to snap at those I love about stupid, little things. God has grown me a lot, but I know I have further to go. I'm clinging to that vision of me, a peaceful me who is not easily frustrated, who does not lash out at people. Because I have that vision, I am willing to go through the growing pains.

What kind of growth are you looking at? What is your vision of yourself after growth?
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